When an employee applies for emergency funding, their application is reviewed by a HERO Fund administrator to assess the pathway forward that will provide the most effective support for the applicant. Upon submission, an applicant will receive a call from a HERO Fund administrator within 2 business days. Once the administrator has the necessary documentation, the applicant’s HERO grant application will be submitted to the Steering Committee (without a name or any identifying information to preserve confidentiality) to be reviewed and voted on based on the HERO eligibility guidelines and proper documentation. This review process typically takes 2 business days. Any approved funds will be mailed the following Wednesday or Thursday and typically take about 3-7 days to arrive by mail.

Debt Management
Domestic Abuse
Emergency Travel
First-time Homebuyer
Matching Grant
Natural Disaster

These are general eligibility guidelines. For more detailed information about applying for a HERO grant, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact the HERO Fund Admin Team.  Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

The HERO Fund

The HERO Fund was created as an emergency relief fund serving employees of all Hamra Enterprises entities.

HERO stands for Hamra Employees Reaching Out.  Our HERO Fund is funded by employees for employees.  All money donated is used to make a difference for employees.  It’s simple to be a HERO: being a HERO can mean donating as little as $1 or more out of each paycheck. Hamra Enterprises matches donations dollar for dollar to ensure the fund can make a difference for as many employees as possible.

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