Giving is a gift

The HERO Fund is funded by Hamra employees for Hamra employees. It’s easy to reach out and make a difference by giving $1 or more out of your paycheck to support a co-worker in their time of need. The point is that you have an opportunity to donate at a level you feel good about and that you know will make a difference for someone. A dollar doesn’t sound like much but when your dollar is added to the other dollars donated by employees from all entities of Hamra Enterprises, it can make a big difference.

To make a regular bi-weekly donation from your paycheck via payroll deduction, please complete The HERO Fund Payroll Deduction Authorization Form.

As an employee, you can increase or decrease your recurring deductions at any time by completing a new payroll deduction form at the above link with the new amount you would like to contribute.  To discontinue deductions, you also complete a new payroll deduction form at the link above and select “Passing Star.”

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