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Am I eligible for help?

All employees of Hamra Enterprises (part-time and full-time) are eligible for emergency assistance through The HERO Fund. “Employees of Hamra Enterprises” includes employees from Boston Bread, Hamra Coffee, Chicago Bread, Southern Bread, Wendy’s of Missouri, Wendy’s of New England, Wendy’s of Chicago, Hamra Noodles, and Hamra Management. An employee does not have to donate to the fund to apply for and receive funding.

How do I qualify for emergency help?
  • I am an active employee of Hamra Management, Wendy’s of Missouri, Wendys of New England, Wendy’s of Chicago, Chicago Bread, Boston Bread, Southern Bread, Hamra Noodles, or Hama Coffee.
  • Grants have specific tenure requirements from day one to 6 months, please refer to each grant for their specific tenure requirements.
  • For any emergency level grant the hardship is unexpected and beyond my control.
  • Ability to provide relevant documentation to support the grant.
  • No more than two grants approved and funded in a rolling 12-month period.
  • The “event” must have occurred during your employment with Hamra.
  • The employee has not met the maximum tuition grant payout of $5,000 during their overall employment.

Apply For Help

The HERO Fund


When an employee applies for emergency funding, their application is reviewed by a HERO Fund administrator to assess the pathway forward that will provide the most effective support for the applicant. Upon submission, an applicant will receive a call from a HERO Fund administrator within 2 business days. Once the administrator has the necessary documentation, the applicant’s HERO grant application will be submitted to the Steering Committee (without a name or any identifying information to preserve confidentiality) to be reviewed and voted on based on the HERO eligibility guidelines and proper documentation. This review process typically takes 2 business days. Any approved funds will be mailed the following Wednesday or Thursday and typically take about 3-7 days to arrive by mail.