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See real people benefitting from the HERO Fund!

When my family suffered a great tragedy back in April, the out pouring of love and support I received from the Hamra Family was overwhelming.


Daniel Quinn, Associate, Chicago Bread

Hi, my name is Daniel Quinn. I am an associate at the Panera café in Elgin (Chicago Bread) and I am so thankful for how the HERO Fund was able to help me. I had to have a very major surgery and was out of work for a month with no source of income. If it wasn’t for the HERO Fund I do not know what I would do, it allowed me to continue paying my rent and electricity and all of my other bills and keep my belly full of food.  I am so thankful for Hamra and the HERO fund.  God bless everyone that contributes and thank you so much for all the help that you guys have provided to me!!!

*Daniel received a Medical Out of Work grant, which provides 50% of his lost wages based on the average number of hours worked per pay period, after sick and vacation is used, and up to $2,000.

Jennifer Wilson, GM, Wendy’s of Missouri

I had been with the company for not even 6 months when I was crying for help. I was in a very severe domestic violence situation at home, and I had nowhere to turn. I came to work for my escape because I knew for those hours I was safe and so were my kids. I stayed so long because I didn’t have the resources to go anywhere else and keeping a roof over their head was the most important goal. My phone calls were monitored, money was tracked, I was at a loss. My DM at the time told me about the HERO Fund and from the time I applied, I had the check within a matter of days. I was able to move out, move to a place for our safety and start a new life with all of that behind us. I didn’t have to exploit myself in the process, I didn’t have to beg for help…beg someone to believe me.  Just a simple step of applying and a conversation over the phone and my life was literally changed. I would not be where I am today without that help, truth be told I probably wouldn’t be alive without that help. I will forever be in debt to the HERO Fund for making such a huge difference for my family and our lives.

Rachal Mitchell (and daughter), Southern Bread, Baker

The HERO Fund made more than a difference for my daughter and I in a very difficult time.  Thanks to Christie and the HERO Fund, we have a new home and a fresh start for the holidays.

Rachal received a Relocation Assistance Grant, which provides a grant to pay for first month, last month and/or security deposit* for safe and stable housing when an unexpected and unforeseen one-time emergency event results in unsafe living situation or being without a home.

*grant amount dependent upon region

Olivia Royhl, Chicago Bread, Team Lead

This opportunity of receiving the HERO tuition reimbursement grant has been super beneficial for me throughout my entire college experience. This has relieved some financial stress for me, as it has helped pay for my out-of-pocket tuition and book expenses. Knowing that I am able to receive any sort of financial assistance is a huge factor that motivates me to keep going to school. I look forward to this, and it feels extremely rewarding for all the hard work I put in. The fact that the HERO fund is available to me and many other employees is truly outstanding and greatly appreciated. I will forever value and be grateful for this company and all it has to offer!