• 18 or older: Yes
  • Tenure required: 90 days or more

Other Housing Grants

Eviction Prevention

• New England Market: Up to $3,000

• Northern IL/Chicago Market: Up to $2,000

• Missouri Market: Up to $1,500

• Southern Bread Market: Up to $1,500

Employee is in immediate danger of being evicted and has not previously received an eviction prevention grant. The reason for eviction is due to an unforeseen one-time event out of the employee’s control which causes an unexpected financial hardship. The employee’s name must appear on the eviction notice and/or the original lease agreement, or mortgage. If approved, the money will be paid directly to the landlord or mortgage company.

Final late rent notice or eviction notice; Copy of lease agreement, or mortgage; Documentation of the unforeseen one-time event causing financial hardship and a W9 tax form for the landlord or mortgage company for disbursement of funds.

Relocation Assistance due to an unforeseen event.

• New England Market: Up to $5,000

• Northern IL/Chicago Market: Up to $3,000

• Missouri Market: Up to $2,000

• Southern Bread: Up to $2,000

Employee is currently homeless or is facing homelessness within 90 days and is forced to find a new living situation due to an unforeseen event that occurred during the applicant’s employment with Hamra. The event is what caused the homelessness. Some examples could be but are not limited to loss of a household income due to death, disability, medical reasons, half-way house (drug/alcohol/courts) term is ending, landlord sold property, or total loss of a home. Grants are not for poor planning, or inability to pay rent, an event must have caused the situation and employees are only eligible to apply for this type of grant once. Moving expenses are not a part of the grant. The employee must be an employee for at least 90 days and at least 18 years old with their name on the lease. If approved for a relocation assistance grant, the money will be paid directly to the landlord.

One of the following must be uploaded to apply for a grant:
• A letter or notice from the landlord or mortgage company indicating the housing situation has ended.
• A letter from a sober living facility, or Court System indicating the employee is able to gain independent housing.
• A one-time event that impacted them to not have stable housing.

Documentation showing the amount needed to move into a new living situation-including any deposit, first month and/or last month’s rent required, and a W9 tax form from the landlord for disbursement of funds. If not received within a 90-day period, the employee must re-apply and start the process over.

Total Loss of Home for Temporary Housing & Essential Items

Up to $2,000 for temporary housing and essential items (food, clothing, personal hygiene items, etc.)

Employee’s home is destroyed or deemed unlivable by a governmental agency and alternate housing is not available. All employees are eligible.

A copy of official report or notification, photographs, insurance claim, receipts for essential items and/or lodging receipts or summary with estimated cost.