• 18 or older: Yes
  • Tenure required: 90 days or more

In the event that one or multiple employees are impacted by a natural disaster, declared by a governmental agency, the following guidelines will be followed. Grants are provided on first come first serve basis until the limit of $25,000 or 50% of fund balance (whichever amount is lower) is granted per declared natural disaster. The Board of Directors reserve the right to increase the maximum funding per disaster on a case-by-case basis. Applications will be granted solely based on the discretion of the HERO Fund Admin Team based on the application submitted and documentation provided. No application will be considered without documentation as described below.

Assistance for Other impacts of Natural Disaster

Up to $300 for any or all of the below expenses incurred.

Assistance for impact of natural disaster that does not cause total loss of home but does cause unexpected expenses. Includes an employee’s need for relief for any of the following: (1) Loss of electricity resulting in a loss of food (2) Temporary shelter expenses (3) Gas expenses for the temporary running of a home generator (4) Other loss resulting in expenses

Receipts for any expenses incurred.

Loss of Housing due to Natural Disaster

Up to $1,000 for temporary housing and essential items (food, clothing, personal hygiene items, etc.)

Employee’s home is destroyed or deemed unlivable by a governmental agency and alternate housing is not available.

Photographs, insurance claim, receipts for essential items and/or lodging receipts.