Assisting those in need

The HERO Fund is now partnered with WorkLife.  WorkLife is a free, confidential service that can help you overcome many of life’s challenges. Because when you’re facing a stressful situation or navigating change, you might not know where to start or who can help.

With this new partnership, the HERO Fund can support Hamra employees even more effectively.  As a result, we have re-designed our grant funding process to ensure we are providing applicants with the most comprehensive assistance and support.

If you are faced with an emergency, complete  The HERO Fund Emergency Application online here.  For all housing-related emergencies (Total Loss of Home, Transitional Housing and Relocation Assistance) , for Loss or Purchase of Medically Necessary Equipment, and for any situations that do not fall into our currently stated eligible emergency events, a HERO Administrator will first refer you to work with a WorkLife Navigator.   If there is still a financial need after working with a Navigator, the application will be considered for HERO grant funding based on eligibility and provided documentation.

Emergency TravelFuneral Expenses and Medical Out of Work applications will be submitted to the HERO Fund immediately for grant funding consideration based on eligibility and provided documentation, and our HERO Administrators will recommend the applicant also work with a WorkLife Navigator.  The financial impact of these events is often greater than what a HERO grant can address.  Working with a WorkLife Navigator will provide more far-reaching support during these times.

When being considered for a HERO grant, a HERO Fund Administrator will work with the applicant to get the necessary required documentation to move the application forward through the funding process.  See Eligibility Guidelines for necessary documentation.  If approved, funds are mailed out within 24-48 hours.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for funding from The HERO Fund the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • All employees of Boston Bread, Chicago Bread, Southern Bread, Wendy’s of Missouri, Wendy’s of New England, Wendy’s of Chicago, SJH Inns, Hamra Noodles and Hamra Management are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Relocation Assistance Events ONLY: I have been an active employee at Hamra for 90 days
  • I must have exhausted all other appropriate means of assistance.  For certain eligible events, I have first worked with a WorkLife Navigator before I am eligible to pursue HERO grant funding (see below for more details)
  • The hardship is unexpected and beyond the my control, and damaging to property or individuals, result in a loss of life, health or property.
  • I must provide relevant documentation prepared by a third party (see Eligibility Guidelines for required documentation)

Eligible Emergencies:

These events are eligible for funding only after working with a WorkLife Navigator:

Total Loss of Home
When a home is destroyed or rendered unlivable

Transitional Housing Assistance
When moving to a new home is necessary for personal safety

Relocation Assistance
When you are homeless or are facing the imminent threat of being homeless due to an unexpected event

Loss or Purchase of Medically Necessary Equipment
When medical equipment is not covered by or exceeds the amount allowed by a medical plan

These events are eligible to be considered for funding immediately:

Emergency Travel
When there is a terminal illness or funeral

Medical Out of Work (Short-term & Long-term)
When a physician deems you or a spouse ineligible to work or an immediate family member is in need of care due to illness for more than 3 days

When you or an immediate family member or extended family member dies

Click here for full description and requirements.

The HERO Fund Matching Grant – Another Way Hamra Employees Can Receive Support

The HERO Fund was designed to enhance, not replace, employee efforts to support each other. In that spirit, when a café/store team holds an approved fundraiser for a co-worker who is facing a personal emergency not covered by The HERO Fund, the General Manager of that store can complete a Matching Grant Application prior to the fundraiser. If approved, The HERO Fund will match money raised, dollar for dollar, up to $500.

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