My daughters and I suffered a tragedy when we lost their father back in 2016. I received a funeral expense grant, which allowed me to support my two babies during that difficult time. What I really received was peace of mind, and encouragement from my newfound family, the Hamra Family. It was during this tragic time that I really became present to how much this company lives by the words written in their
charter, Family- we cherish and nurture relationships. It has been my honor to continue to spread the word about the support available for our valued team members. People don’t know what’s available to them unless we inform them. I enjoy so much educating our people on the HERO Fund and all the services available. Aside from emergency applications, we are offering a First-time home buyer program and tuition reimbursement assistance. How cool is that?! I always say, “Emergencies are not planned, but Hamra Enterprises always has a plan, we truly have you and your family’s best interest at heart.

Stephanie Layou–General Manager

(and her beautiful twin girls, Olivia and Sophia) 🙂