Mike St. Jean

On February 8th , 2021, I lost my whole life that I worked my life for! I lost everything up in flames due to an apartment fire that displaced me and 17 other families. My initial reaction. like anyone else in my shoes, was devastation. You work so hard for a life you built, and one freak accident and it all disappeared. The best thing to do that day was be strong for my kids who at the time didn’t know any better of what was going on. The HERO F und helped me in a matter of 24/48 hours turn my life around and get me back on my feet. It helped me with my new home I managed to find within a day or two to cover expenses to secure it as my home. For me this allowed a burden off my shoulder and allowed me to begin a new future for not only me but provide a new home for my daughters. The first night I was able to show my girls their “new home” brought nothing but pure joy to them as well as myself. The HERO Fund helped me through my most devastating situation in life I’ve ever dealt with and for that I’ll be forever grateful for such a thing!

Mike St. Jean, GM, Wendy’s of New England (Haverhill)