I had been with the company for not even 6 months when I was crying for help. I was in a very severe domestic violence situation at home, and I had nowhere to turn. I came to work for my escape because I knew for those hours I was safe and so were my kids. I stayed so long because I didn’t have the resources to go anywhere else and keeping a roof over their head was the most important goal. My phone calls were monitored, money was tracked, I was at a loss. My DM at the time told me about the HERO Fund and from the time I applied, I had the check within a matter of days. I was able to move out, move to a place for our safety and start a new life with all of that behind us. I didn’t have to exploit myself in the process, I didn’t have to beg for help…beg someone to believe me. Just a simple step of applying and a conversation over the phone and my life was literally changed. I would not be where I am today without that help, truth be told I probably wouldn’t be alive without that help. I will forever be in debt to the HERO Fund for making such a huge difference for my family and our lives.

Jennifer Wilson, GM, Wendy’s of Missouri