Hi, my name is Daniel Quinn. I am an associate at the Panera café in Elgin (Chicago Bread) and I am so thankful for how the HERO Fund was able to help me. I had to have a very major surgery and was out of work for a month with no source of income. If it wasn’t for the HERO Fund I do not know what I would do, it allowed me to continue paying my rent and electricity and all of my other bills and keep my belly full of food. I am so thankful for Hamra and the HERO fund. God bless everyone that contributes and thank you so much for all the help that you guys have provided to me!!!

Daniel Quinn, Associate, Chicago Bread

*Daniel received a Medical Out of Work grant, which provides 50% of his lost wages based on the average number of hours worked per pay period, after sick and vacation is used, and up to $2,000.