LaToya Brown

My sister has cancer.  The doctor said it was terminal.  She is 38 and has 5 kids and I wanted to be there.  I received an Emergency Travel Grant to visit her in Jamaica.  When I went to visit, I discovered my mom was also sick, and we didn’t realize how serious it was. Because of the HERO Fund I had the chance to go home, be present with my mom, and because of that we found out she had chronic COPD and emphysema.  That was a surprise for me.  That helped me get my mom diagnosed properly.  Because of this we were able to solve the mystery and take action.  If I hadn’t been there to push things along and she hadn’t been diagnosed I do not believe she would be alive today.  I thank the HERO Fund for that.

I have not been able to see my mother in the past 9 years.  If it wasn’t for the HERO Fund allowing me to get home to be with my sister and family it would not have happened, and it would probably be even longer.  The next time I got back to Jamaica I probably would have been going to my mom’s funeral.

I am grateful to everyone who donates to the HERO Fund.  I am grateful to Jeff Harp (RDO, Noodles MO), Chris Holloman (DM, Noodles MO) and Sarah Sharon (HERO Fund Administrator AND GM for Wendy’s of Missouri).  She did an amazing job supporting me with this.

I want to thank Chris Holloman.  He is so passionate about the HERO Fund and because of him I am working to ensure that everyone and anyone who is hired at Hamra donates.

LaToya Brown, AGM

South County Noodles, MO