Glenda Acton

Glenda Acton, Assistant Manager, WOMI

The HERO Fund…there are no words that can explain this incredible program. The program helped in two ways. First, it was a relocation assistance. They did not hesitate to help with the deposit and first month rent. Second, and believe what impacts me the most. One year ago, I had a devastating event in my world. I did not know at the time that there was assistance for this. I applied for the grant and within in a week I had it.  But what I remember most is the HERO Administrator, Christie. She called me to see how I was doing.  This program is the best thing for any employee, no matter which position you hold.

Relocation Assistance Grants provide first month, last month and/or security deposit* for safe and stable housing when an unexpected and unforeseen one-time emergency event results in unsafe living situation or being without a home.

*Grant amount dependent upon region