Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn, Associate, Chicago Bread

Hi, my name is Daniel Quinn. I am an associate at the Panera café in Elgin (Chicago Bread) and I am so thankful for how the HERO Fund was able to help me. I had to have a very major surgery and was out of work for a month with no source of income. If it wasn’t for the HERO Fund I do not know what I would do, it allowed me to continue paying my rent and electricity and all of my other bills and keep my belly full of food.  I am so thankful for Hamra and the HERO fund.  God bless everyone that contributes and thank you so much for all the help that you guys have provided to me!!!

*Daniel received a Medical Out of Work grant, which provides 50% of his lost wages based on the average number of hours worked per pay period, after sick and vacation is used, and up to $2,000.