HERO Fund Stories

Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn, Associate, Chicago Bread Hi, my name is Daniel Quinn. I am an associate at the Panera café in Elgin (Chicago Bread) and I am so thankful for how the HERO Fund was able to help me. I had to have a very major surgery and was out of work for a month with […]

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson, GM, Wendy’s of Missouri I had been with the company for not even 6 months when I was crying for help. I was in a very severe domestic violence situation at home, and I had nowhere to turn. I came to work for my escape because I knew for those hours I was […]

Rachal Mitchell

Rachal Mitchell (and daughter), Southern Bread, Baker The HERO Fund made more than a difference for my daughter and I in a very difficult time.  Thanks to Christie and the HERO Fund, we have a new home and a fresh start for the holidays. Rachal received a Relocation Assistance Grant, which provides a grant to […]

Glenda Acton

Glenda Acton, Assistant Manager, WOMI The HERO Fund…there are no words that can explain this incredible program. The program helped in two ways. First, it was a relocation assistance. They did not hesitate to help with the deposit and first month rent. Second, and believe what impacts me the most. One year ago, I had […]

Olivia Royhl

Olivia Royhl, Chicago Bread, Team Lead This opportunity of receiving the HERO tuition reimbursement grant has been super beneficial for me throughout my entire college experience. This has relieved some financial stress for me, as it has helped pay for my out-of-pocket tuition and book expenses. Knowing that I am able to receive any sort […]

Kriss Crain

Kari Shoufer

Back in 2014, I had an unexpected injury to my knee which caused me to get 20 stitches–12 external and 8 internal. I was unable to bend my knee at all, I was on a lot of pain medication, and I was unable to walk without crutches for weeks. I had just gotten back from […]

Christina Ellerman

I just wanted to thank the HERO Fund for helping me out back in March and April after my heart attack. After I was able to pay my rent there was enough left over to help pay most of my electric. It is a great thing the HERO Fund is doing for the employees. Christina […]

Stephanie Layou

When my family suffered a great tragedy back in April, the out pouring of love and support I received from the Hamra Family was overwhelming. People from all over the company reached out and came together for me and my daughters. It was like no other experience. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for […]