If you are a Hamra Employee, please proceed below.  If you are an essential worker looking to receive support and resources from the Heroes Fund, this IS NOT THAT FUND.  This fund is ONLY FOR EMPLOYEES OF HAMRA ENTERPRISES. WorkLife is only available to employees of Hamra Enterprises. If you are trying to apply to the Heroes Fund for Essential Workers, from what we can see in the news, this fund has not yet been enacted.

WorkLife is a free, confidential service for all Hamra employees that can help you overcome many of life’s challenges. Because when you’re facing a stressful situation or navigating change, you might not know where to start or who can help.

What can a WorkLife Resource Navigator help me with?
WorkLife’s Resource Navigators are available to help you with things like:

  • Finding resources for affordable childcare
  • Support with transportation
  • Budgeting and financial wellness
  • Understanding medical benefits and how to use them
  • Accessing resources for housing
  • Connecting with mental behavioral health resources
  • Accessing food pantries
  • And everything in between!

What happens when I reach out to WorkLife Partnership?
When you reach out to WorkLife, you will be connected to a Resource Navigator that will work with you at time—and using a method—that’s most comfortable for you (phone, text, email or video chat). Once you meet with your Resource Navigator, he/she will connect you to resources and support for whatever you may need. (Click here to watch a video on just how easy it is to work with a Resource Navigator.) WorkLife’s services are always free, always confidential, and always one on one.

How do I contact WorkLife?
You can reach out to your Resource Navigator by phone or email based on your location.*

Call: (312) 858-7327 Email:

All Other Locations
Call: (970) 888-1412 Email:

*Se habla español.

WorkLife & COVID-19

WorkLife Partnership understands that this is a challenging and stressful time for our employees and their families. Employees may need support and guidance as they encounter new challenges due to the impact of COVID-19 on their jobs and their health. WorkLife can ensure Hamra employees have the resources they need to keep feeling financially, physically, and mentally whole. Whether you are currently working in one of our locations or are on leave of absence, you can use this benefit.

Because The HERO Fund has partnered with WorkLife, employees and their immediate family members are able to receive free, confidential support from our Resource Navigators. Below are just a few of the things a Resource Navigator can help with during this time.

Household budgeting.
Lost wages, medical expenses, or childcare costs can stretch your budget. WorkLife can help you prepare should your financial situation suddenly change.

Accessing emergency resources.
Navigators are monitoring local and state emergency resources, so they can connect you to the support you need—from finding childcare to accessing housing assistance.

Support with stress management.
We understand that this is a stressful time, so we’re here to talk you through it. We can also connect you to mental/behavioral health resources if you’d like to speak with a trained counselor.

Utility assistance.
We can help you find assistance for affording your utility bills, so you don’t fall behind.

Accessing & understanding health benefits.
If you have questions about what your health benefits cover in the event that you become sick, WorkLife is here to help. We can also support you and your family in finding new coverage, if you don’t currently have benefits or anticipate losing your benefits.

Free or low-cost meal options.
With schools closed, we can help you find free hot lunch options for your kids. WorkLife can also help you access free or low-cost food options for your entire family.

Reach out to a Resource Navigator at the contact information below. WorkLife services are always free, always confidential, and always one-on-one.

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