First-Time Home Buyers (Education/Financial Assistance)

Did you know you could buy a home for the same amount of money (or less!) you are paying in rent?

Do you dream of buying a home? 

Do you think buying a home is for other people but not for you? 

Do you lack the knowledge or money?

Buying a home is a big investment and an exciting milestone. As a first-time home buyer, you will need some help, and as a Hamra employee, the HERO Fund is here to assist you all the way.

We have partnered with CMG Financial to provide homebuying education and down payment assistance through their HomeFundIt program*, and if eligible, the HERO Fund will match a portion of money raised through the CMG program towards your down payment!

*You may also be eligible for CMG’s BorrowSmart program, which can provide even more down payment assistance!

Who is eligible for the HERO matching Grant*?

  • An active employee for at least 6 months
  • First-time homebuyer (or has not owned a home in 3+ years due to divorce or bankruptcy)
  • Employee completes homeownership course (through CMG)

*Anyone can participate in CMG programs and have the opportunity to receive funding based on their guidelines.  The above eligibility is for receiving a HERO matching grant.

How much can someone receive from the HERO Fund**?

  • Illinois Region: Up to $1500
  • New England Region: Up to $2500
  • MO, TN, AR, MS Region: Up to $1000

**The HERO grant matches money an employee generates by participating in CMG’s HomeFundIt program.

Get Started Today!

Click the icon below corresponding to your region, then click on the green START A HOMEFUNDIT button at the top of the page.  Once you set up your HomeFundIt page, you will receive a confirmation email and opportunity to schedule a call with a CMG representative.

MO, TN, AR, and MS regions

Hamra Enterprises Employee Down Payment Booster

Illinois region

Hamra Enterprises Employee Down Payment Booster

New England region

Hamra Enterprises Employee Down Payment Booster


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