Emergency & Relocation Assistance Application 


If you are a Hamra Employee, please proceed with the grant application process below.  If you are an essential worker looking to apply to the Heroes Fund, this IS NOT THAT FUND.  This fund is ONLY FOR EMPLOYEES OF HAMRA ENTERPRISES. If you are trying to apply to the Heroes Fund for Essential Workers, from what we can see in the news, this fund has not yet been enacted.

We wish you the very best as we all navigate these unprecedented times.

The HERO Fund (Hamra Employees Reaching Out)

The HERO Fund and emergency grant funding was established to help employees offset expenses in cases of an unexpected and catastrophic life event in which they are facing financial hardship where all other sources of funding have been exhausted.

In partnership with WorkLife, the HERO Fund now provides comprehensive support for Hamra employees, because often a financial grant is just not enough to address the situation, or there are other circumstances surrounding the event that require further support and resources.  As a result, our funding process has been re-designed to include working with a WorkLife Navigator for certain eligible events, to ensure the most comprehensive support.

When being considered for a HERO grant, qualifying emergencies do not include circumstances that involve providing assistance to pay for debt consolidation, litigation, poor financial planning, non-essential items (e.g., cable TV, credit card payments, expenses related to vehicles, etc), bail, garnishments, or other expenses deriving from non-emergency situations. For natural disaster relief refer to the natural disaster application.

The HERO Fund does not cover requests for medical assistance (except for the purchase or replacement of medically necessary equipment), fuel costs for vehicle or home heating use, or any situation not based on a one-time, non-recurring incident.

Eligibility requirements:

I am an active employee of either Hamra Management Company, Wendy’s of Missouri, Wendy’s of New England, Chicago Bread, Boston Bread, Southern Bread, Hamra Noodles, or SJH Inns.

For Relocation Assistance events ONLY:  I have been an active employee at Hamra for 90 days

I have exhausted all other appropriate means of assistance.   For certain eligible events, I have first worked with a WorkLife Navigator before I am eligible to pursue HERO grant funding (see grant application for more details)

The hardship:
*Is unexpected and beyond my control
*Is damaging to property or individuals, results in a loss of life, health or property.
Provide relevant documentation prepared by a third party (see Eligibility Requirements for relevant documentation)

Examples of approved applications: • Loss of Home • Transitional Housing Assistance • Emergency Travel • Funeral Expenses • Loss or Purchase of Medically Necessary Equipment • Medical Out of Work

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