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At left you will find all of the materials and resources necessary to donate to the HERO Fund, to apply for funding, and to take advantage of our newest way we can support each other through HERO – WorkLife!  You will also find resources providing updates on the fund and how it is making an important difference for the employees of Hamra Enterprises.

If you have any further questions or require any other resources, please feel free to contact us!


If you are a Hamra Employee, please proceed with the grant application process at the below Emergency Application Link.  If you are an essential worker looking to apply to the Heroes Fund, this IS NOT THAT FUND.  This fund is ONLY FOR EMPLOYEES OF HAMRA ENTERPRISES. If you are trying to apply to the Heroes Fund for Essential Workers, from what we can see in the news, this fund has not yet been enacted.


COVID-19 Information, Resources and Support through the HERO Fund

At this unprecedented time of need, the HERO Fund has two ways it is providing support to Hamra Employees.

Through our NEW WorkLife partnership, employees and their family can work with a WorkLife Navigator to ensure they have the resources they need to keep feeling financially, physically, and mentally whole. A Navigator can help an employee impacted by our current circumstances apply for unemployment, access emergency resources, get utility assistance, free or low cost meal options, stress management and more.

Click here to find out more about this amazing resource and how to start working with them immediately.

The HERO Fund has also added a COVID-19 eligible event in the Medical Out of Work category. Click here to see what grant funding is eligible with the proper documentation (and after having exhausted all other resources, including working with a WorkLife Navigator).

COVID-19 Information and Support through Hamra Enterprises

Above and beyond the support the HERO Fund can provide, Hamra Enterprises is monitoring current events daily and is providing as much information and as many resources as possible to support our valued people. Click here to go to the Hamra Benefits Mobile Site to get access to information and resources.

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